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Florida's Waterways

The Florida Waterways features the most precious and controversial environmental resource of Florida: its water. From its 1350 miles of coastline, to its legendary springs, to the one-of-a-kind Everglades wetlands, Florida’s waterways have been deservedly featured on postcards throughout the century. This exhibit provides a unique glimpse at the history of representation and the human attitudes toward the marine ecologies of Florida.

Florida's Culture

Tourists have been traveling to see the sites of Florida since the turn of the 20th century, and Disneyworld wasn’t founded until 1971. The Cultural Landmarks exhibit curates the images and stories of the roadside attractions, glamorous hotels, monuments and memorials that emerge out of Florida’s cultural mélange. An exhibit of wealthy extravagance, middle class kitch and homespun oddities, the Cultural Landmarks of Florida provides an engaging view of the Floridian impulse to play and commemorate.

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Florida's Military

Military Florida highlights the role that politics, war and military culture serve in the history of the state. The geographical situation of Florida, poised on the Gulf Stream between North and South Americas, made the land attractive as a military site from the first European contact in the fifteenth century, and military forts are some of the oldest permanent structures dotting the state. Place names such as Fort Lauderdale, Fort Meyers, Fort Desoto honor this history of place construction. Florida maintains over twenty active military bases, representing all branches of the armed forces and over 50,000 active duty personnel. Military postcards feature historic and active military culture, from Castillo de San Marcos to MacDill Air Force Base.

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